Colorful Fish Scale Mermaid Outfit 18" Doll Clothes that fits American girl dolls

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Once your 18" doll slips into this colorful fish scale print mermaid tail and fastens the top at her back and around her neck she'll want to swim, do flips and play in the pretend water!  This mermaid outfit fits American girl dolls.

    Your doll's mermaid costume is made from 4-way stretch Spandex fabric, enabling the tail to move with your doll as she twists and turns in the pretend water, but also has an opening in the center of the fins so that she can stand when needed.

    General info:

    • 18" Doll Clothes that fits American girl dolls
    • Handmade by TracysDesigns1.
    • Hand wash in cold water.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: 18" dolls should Not be put in water, it will damage them.  These mermaid costumes are only for Pretending your doll is in water, and will Not protect a doll from water damage.

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    * The American girl dolls is not included.