Where will your doll travel to?

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Is there one place you and your doll have always dreamed of traveling to?  You can use your imagination to go there, just like American girl doll Emily is doing right now!

American girl Amanda has walked into Emily's bedroom to find her still sleeping in her new Travel the World sleeping bag.
"I wonder where she's dreaming she's at." Amanda thought.

Travel the World sleeping bag

"Emily, it's time to wake up.  Mom said if you don't get up now you'll be late for school!"

Emily smiled but didn't wake up.

American girl Emily wearing a Paris outfit at the Eiffel Tower.

She was dreaming that she was in Paris standing by the Eiffel Tower, and then going to eat a yummy dessert at a little bakery!
American girl Emily eating at a bakery while wearing a Paris outfit.

"Emily, you have to wake up."  Amanda tried again.

Amanda trying to wake up American girl Emily.

Finally, Emily groaned and sat up.

American girl dolls talking with each other.

"Where where you dreaming you were at?" Amanda asked, but Emily just smiled hoping someday it wouldn't be just a dream.


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